10 Things You Shouldn’t Say In A Job Interview

10 things you shouldn’t say in a job interview. This list contains ten things you should not say in a job interview. Do you know more things you better not say? Let us know in the comments…

10. How much vacation time would I have? It is very important to me.
9. How much does the job pay?
8. I don’t like to stay in one place very long.
7. I’m looking for a position that is less stressful and will allow me to work less hours for more pay.
6. I’m just looking to work here until something better comes along.
5. What does your company make (or do)?
4. I’m not willing to work overtime.
3. How much money do you make?
2. I left my old job because my boss was an idiot.
1. I’m sorry I’m late.

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