Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Frozen & Breaking Bad Parody/Mashup)

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What the Press is saying:
“Elsa might be the Snow Queen, but Heisenberg is the King of Ice.” -MTV
“Walter White makes for a surprisingly emotional Disney princess.” -TIME
“Well this is powerful.” -Buzzfeed
“It’s everything you’d want from a combination that is this weird.” -People
“Nothing short of the best thing you’ve seen all day.” -IGN
“A mashup for the ages.” -Huffington Post
“Anna’s got nothing on Walter White” -Hollywood Reporter
“How is this only happening now?” -Washington Post
“Sure to delight parents everywhere” -E! Online
“Somehow it works disturbingly well” -io9
“Absolutely perfect…We bow down.” -Moviefone
“Hopefully, more amazingly hilarious videos like this will come out in the future.” -Inquisitr
“Wow, this parody has layers.” -Entertainment Tonight
“HIGHlariously Methed Up” -Perez Hilton
“Sadly, there’s no cameo from Olaf the snowman, presumably because that would be just too weird.” -Wall Street Journal

Lyrics: Jesse,
Do you want to build a meth lab?
Come on let’s go and cook
I never see you anymore
Come out the door,
Let’s make our product by the book!
We’ll make lots of money
Just you and me
We’ll stack the cash up high!
Do you want to build a meth lab?
A rolling RV meth lab

Jesse: Go away, Mr. White

Walter: Just one try…

Do you want to build a meth lab?
Or dodge some of Gus’ calls?
I think some cook time is overdue
I’ve started talking to the money in the walls
(Look there, Holly!)
It gets a little lonely,
In this empty lab,
Just watching that fly whiz by…
(Buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz)

Jesse, please
I know you’re in there,
Badger’s asking where you’ve been,
This can’t all be for nothing
And I’m trying to,
Make things right with you
Just let me in
We built this empire together
And it’s all we have
What do you want to do?

Do you want to build a meth lab? (cough)

Written & Created by:
Amanda Hill
Zack James
Stephen Kardynal
Evan Cloyd
Alex Negrete

Walter White and Jesse voiced by:
Brock Baker

Produced by Animeme

Animated by Toonocracy
Storyboard Artists: James Sharp and Scott Simons
Character Designs: Scott Simons
Background Artist: Margaret Hardy
Animation Director: Tom Riffel
Animator: J. Nate Lowe Hank
Compositor: Colin Fleming

Music and SFX:
Max Repka

Edited by Alex Negrete

This is a parody of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” (Frozen Movie Soundtrack)
We are not affiliated with Walt Disney corporation.

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