How I got the best job ever without submitting a resume | Natalie Ledbetter | TEDxWalnutStWomen

Natalie Ledbetter, Director of Talent Acquisition at Curalate, explains why asking for what you want is the key to personal and professional success – and why women must stop being afraid to do it.

Driven by a passion for building relationships, and helping people find their dream jobs, Natalie has been in people operations for the past nine years of her career.

Prior to joining Curalate as Director of Talent Acquisition, Natalie held positions in sales, event production, account management and human resources in industries ranging from fashion to banking and 3D printing. Her foray into startups began two years ago, and she attributes her ability to build diverse teams of high performers to intuition and a deep desire to understand what makes people tick.

Natalie grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia, and spent her formative years attending an international school with over sixty nationalities.

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